Sunday, December 26, 2010

Glance back...Look forward!

This past year has been a roller coaster ride! 2009 ended with a cancer diagnosis and 2010 began with surgery..Grateful for the surgeon and her expertise... but a slow recovery and still trying to make up for the loss of the deltoid muscle in my left unfortunate victim in the removal of the tumor.

In March, my mom, who had been dealing with pancreatic cancer for the previous 16 mos..made the decision to receive hospice care. I went to live with my mom and dad for what ended up being 2 mos before she passed away on April 25..the day before Steve's birthday... Those 2 mos consisted of little sleep & lots of prayers. My incredible husband and children allowed me those two mos to care for my mom (and dad) something I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!

Amongst the greiving though, the year brought much to celebrate! In May, Steve's parents celebrated 50 years of marriage. Jessi and Jeremiah celebrated there first year of marriage and in August Steve and I celebrated 25 years.

A much needed trip to my favorite place in the world (Maui) was the site of a wonderful vow renewal ceremony shared with all of our kids!!!

December brought another Best Friends 60th birthday. Her son planned a week long trip to Disney World for all of us that was simply amazing!

The holidays have come and gone and although the absence of my mom will always be felt...there is so much joy in celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior with my family..

...especially sweet was the Christmas Eve service that the rest of the family enjoyed with my Dad. You see in 53 years he hadn't been to church..but because of the gracious service of some wonderful people at my home church in 100o Oaks {who reached out to my Dad when my mom passed away} he now attends church not just once a week but 3 times! He's involved in a men's bible study and a grief share group and on Christmas Eve... my kids shared communion with him for the very first time!

So as you can tell, I am incredibly blessed! No matter what this year has brought my Lord has given me everything that I have needed! Courage, strength, favor, love, forgiveness and so much more!
It's time now to spend some time in His word and in prayer seeking His direction for what this next year has in store..One thing is for sure..whatever I need I know He will provide!



Here's to a wonderful New Year! My prayer for you is that you lean into Jesus and allow Him to direct your steps!