Thursday, September 2, 2010

Consistently Inconsistent

If there's one thing that I am consistent's being inconsistent (blogging that is).
Then my sweet daughter gently reminds me that I haven't blogged in a while and I search my brain for those things that ,in the moment ,would have been easily penned but now require a search party to find.
Lesson learned... the value in blogging ( for me) is to memorialize those pebble moments so that I will not soon forget God's faithfulness and goodness!

God has been in the process of woeing me back to himself for sometime now. No, I didn't walk away from him..But I had lost that sense of wonder... the amazing intimacy that is found with Him through Jesus Christ.

I am thankful that He has brought our family to a new church home. A place where His word is taught with tender care and respect and in way that it jumps off of the page and makes me want to know more and more and more! You know the feeling. Unfortunatley, we might most often experience that reading a great novel.Is not His word far more valuable?

Last September, He brought me to a Bible Study where His word again is handled with care and is taught with fervor. We have just begun a study in Genesis and He is speaking to me like never before. I am seeing the depth of His love for me and yearing to know Him more.

The past several months are best described in the words to a song by Jason Gray that have become my heartsong:

Give me rules...I will break them
Show me lines... I will cross them
I need more than truth to believe
I need a truth that lives and moves and breathes
To sweep me off my feet it ought to be...
More like falling in love
Than something to believe in
More like losing my heart
than giving my allegience
Caught up, called out..
Come take a look at me now
It's like I'm falling. oh
It's like I'm falling in love......

I've always loved Him and I know that He loves... but falling in love.. now that's a different story!
What's the song of your heart???


  1. Very nice Holly, so glad you have found a place to grow....
    Look forward to reading a more consistent blog :-)


  2. Thanks for sharing "your" song! I love you. :-)