Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Expectations are a funny thing! On the one hand there are those expectations that we have of our spouses and our children... or in the work environment....the ones that have been carefully spelled out and negotiated so that when they've not been met it is obvious. We can acknowledge our shortcomings, communicate our sorrow, receive forgiveness and grow as a result.

God's expectations of me while not up for negotiation are clear as well and I know when I don't walk in obedience with Him I am choosing to walk outside of His protection and there are consequences... but also the opportunity to acknowlege my failings and recieve His grace and forgiveness.

Then there is the "muck in the middle". You know those expectations that we have of other people or that they have of us. The ones that have not been spoken, negotiated or even agreed to. No matter how hard we try{ not to have these types of expectations} we all experience this once in a while. The immediate result can be a catastrophe! Usually hurt feelings, frustration sometimes bitterness and over time...huge walls of stone can be erected in the name of self protection.

My prayer for myelf is that God would continue to create in me a heart of grace and compassion that does not place those types expectations on others.

I love how God uses the people and circumstances of our own lives to teach us His truths.

You see, it breaks my heart when someone has an expectation of me that they haven't told me about that I haven't and probably wouldn't agree to and when I fail to meet their expectation..they hold it against me. The goodness of God allows the hurt that we experience to make us sensitive to the hurt we might cause others.
He always makes beauty from ashes!

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