Friday, January 28, 2011

Get Back up Again!

I love stories of redemption and I heard a great one today!

Pittsburg Steeler QB Ben Roethlesberger was raised in a Christian home!
We all know of his recent struggles......
Recently his sister encouraged him to listen to Christian radio

Driving in the car one afternoon..listening to KLOVE..he heard a song by Toby Mack
It's never too "get back up again" he listened to the words he pulled the car to side of the road and began to weep!
So encouraged by Toby's song feeling like the song had been written just for him...he contacted Toby

The two have now become friends..Toby wrote that song for a friend going through some difficult times. But God knew Ben would need that message as well {along with a lot of other people I am sure}

That story made me think of the illustration of the tapestry....on the back side many threads weaving in and out..quite frankly a mess...but on the reverse a beautiful image....
God weaves our lives together {in ways that sometimes we cannot see until much later)
and creates a beautiful image like only He can.

Hearing stories like these encourages me so much, increases my faith and leaves me so hopeful!It also reminds me that He has gifted each one of us and given us great purpose to carry out for him
Toby just wrote a song that God placed on his heart!
What has God placed on your heart? Are you stepping out in faith to be obedient to His call?
Have a Joyful day!

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