Sunday, June 27, 2010

Having not blogged much in the past week it's a little difficult to get back in the swing!

I'll be honest it's difficult for me to blog when I am experiencing challenging things!
Not major challenges but challenges of the heart.
Watching as friends and family choose to walk away from Christ and do there own thing...when unkind words etch themselves on your heart.

Men may have a hard time understanding how those types of things have a way of forming a big ball of yarn and become intertwined with everything else in our lives and can actually keep us from functioning well! I wish I could compartmentalize like men do!!!!

But God made me and most all women with a tendency toward being a little more emotionally sensitive to the circunstances in our lives.

That's a pebble that is valuable and precious although I don't always see it that way!
What's pulling on your heartstrings today?? Do your treasure the fact that God made you to feel deeply?

HUGS and prayers!
His mercies are new every morning!

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