Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Right there in front of your nose!

Some people are called to go to the far ends of the earth...some have jobs with big offices and influence and position...

God has definitely called me to mother and sometimes i take for granted that my girls are adults capable of making there own decisions...but right in front of my nose everyday I continue to have the privilege of speaking into the lives of my kids and their friends.I am particulary blessed cuz I can do it in the comfort of my own home, with my pj's on and it doesn't matter if I have showered or not.

A simple question has the potential to become a teachable moment. While infants, toddlers and even High Schoolers don't really relish the teachable moments... an adult child may come seeking counsel and wisdom and with an open heart earnestly want to hear my perspective.

One of the pebbles that blesses me the most in that is... that it appears that I have earned some amount of respect that is hopefully evidenced by the fruit that has been produced in my life because of a deep abiding relationship with Christ. (No doubt that was not a very good grammatically structured sentence but i never was much help with English homework)

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